Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Wandering Knitter Episode 3:The one with Spinning

Show notes

My Etsy shop

My Artfire shop -more here


Eclipse Socks

Slouchy Copy Cat Hat - for the 90% Knitting video podcast group on Ravelry

Scrap Sock Yarn Log Cabin Throw

Haruni -not working on it..just trying to get someone to finish it for me lol



Baroness Beret

Show offs:

Kick Spindle

2 Roving's

Shout Outs:

Steven of DramicKnits you rock!

Lisa of 90% Knitting has quite the stash!

Katie of Knittin' on the Fly has a cool job!

Extra bits:

Tha Wandering Knitter Ravelry Group

Type 2 Diabetes -just in case you don't know

Thank you for watching! Please come again soon!

Have a wonderful day Ya'll!


  1. I vote for the groovey roving.
    I am really interested in seeing the giveaway items you choose. I think that is a great idea and it will be a good way to see new things,even if you aren't the winner. Where did you the bag for the shawl?

  2. ok 1 for that..
    I can't wait to start doing giveaways! I plan on buying stuff from Etsy and Artfire for the prizes.
    That bag my dear I made myself! I love that bag sooo much! I call it my Geisha Bag.
    Thanks for commenting!

  3. First, yes, the sound was much, much better this episode! I think the microphone did the trick!

    Second, thanks for the shout out! I appreciate it! As for how the drawing will work in the Quickie KAL, for every KAL project you finish, if you post a picture of it, that counts as one entry into the drawing for the month in which you post it. So, if you do every KAL in a month and post a picture of each, you'd have four entries. If you're really ambitious and do more than one of a KAL (like this week is a dish cloth, let's say you make three), you would post one picture in a separate post for each one you made so each would count as an entry. You do NOT have to finish the KAL projects in the week they are posted, just post a picture of it when you get it done. The drawing will be on the last Wed. of each month and announced on that day's podcast.

  4. That is good to know! It was a good $9 investment after all.

    Your very welcome. I like talking about things that I like and your show is something that I like.
    Ok I will make sure to clear that up next recording. :) Thanks for letting me know.

  5. I also say do the groovy roving. Sound is better. you are doing a great job. Keep going!

  6. 2 for groovy! ;)
    I am glad the sound is better!
    Thanks I try.

  7. I eaggerly vote for Route 66

    Sound IS better and am mystified how you found a stand up microphone, once again the States Wally-marts are better. *pouts* I love how natural and at ease you are in front of the camera (envious). Good job again hun! :)

    Thinking I'm going to pick up some roving some time this month, or next (depending on our funds) and give spinning on a drop spindle a try... if my fingers hold out.