Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tha Wandering Knitter Episode 7:A Rainy Day

Show notes
WIP: Ishbel
FO: Citron #3 .
Other: Ravelry Group
The correct email to contact me regarding the show.
My Plurk ID:Knitting_Geisha
Etsy shop

I do not know why the show is fuzzy. I was using my web cam as always. Maybe I have to sit closer.
Thank you for watching and have a great day! Nicole

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tha Wandering Knitter Episode 6:The one with wild hair!

Tha Wandering Knitter video podcast that is filmed in South Georgia,USA. Host: Nicole

Show notes:


Eclipse Socks

Future WIP's:

Fingerless Gloves

Doll Blanket

Giveaway Winner: Jan from Washington

Etsy new style of bags

Ravelry Group


Email-just for the show

Sorry for the wind taking over in some parts. I would rerecord but I really wanted the show to be recorded from Reed Bingham and I was to hot to wait for those people to leave so I could start all over again. I hope this doesn't stop you from watching my show still! If there is anything you need to know that you couldn't hear please feel free to contact me and ask!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tha Wandering Knitter Episode 5:The Bright One

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VideoPodcast about Knitting. Host:Nicole

Show notes



Future WIP's:



Citron #3


Etsy update - finished for today

Yarn festival....maybe this summer


Ravelry Group

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tha Wandering Knitter Episode 4: The blurry one

I don't know why my cam had a problem focusing. Since I got a new mic I am using my built in web cam. Maybe I need a different web cam. This months donations will go towards a new computer cam and shipping for the giveaway.


Eclipse Socks

Future WIP's:
198 Yard Shawl

Blueberry Cupcake Hat

Steve of Dramatic Knits
90% Knitting Group Quicky Along
My Etsy Shop...I just did a mini update while waiting on this show to load to Blip.

Thank you for watching...again! I hope you enjoy this show as much as the past ones.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

An Apology..

I just listened to my latest show and noticed that you can hear the wind through the new mic. No one had brought this to my attention so I didn't know.

The wind here for the last few days have been gusting up to 20 mph most days. It was windy when I recorded but since it didn't show up in the other recordings I didn't think it would this time.....I was wrong.

So from now on I am going to record indoors,still in different spots,on days that it is windy outdoors.

I apologize for this and will try much harder to not let the wind take over the show! Please keep watching my show. *flutter eyes*

Have a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Wandering Knitter Episode 3:The one with Spinning

Show notes

My Etsy shop

My Artfire shop -more here


Eclipse Socks

Slouchy Copy Cat Hat - for the 90% Knitting video podcast group on Ravelry

Scrap Sock Yarn Log Cabin Throw

Haruni -not working on it..just trying to get someone to finish it for me lol



Baroness Beret

Show offs:

Kick Spindle

2 Roving's

Shout Outs:

Steven of DramicKnits you rock!

Lisa of 90% Knitting has quite the stash!

Katie of Knittin' on the Fly has a cool job!

Extra bits:

Tha Wandering Knitter Ravelry Group

Type 2 Diabetes -just in case you don't know

Thank you for watching! Please come again soon!

Have a wonderful day Ya'll!