Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tha Wandering Knitter Episode 5:The Bright One

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VideoPodcast about Knitting. Host:Nicole

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Citron #3


Etsy update - finished for today

Yarn festival....maybe this summer


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  1. *waves frantically with chessy grin* As much as I (and probably Rainlover) lo-o-o-o-o-o-o-ove the green one it is the Las Angelas one I'm drawn to, for it's darkly blend of lights (if that makes sense). It's different then what I have seen in the stores I'm able to get to for yarn here and it is quite unique to that is in my stash.

    I should have reminded you last night when I was on the fence about recording to prep for yours, missy! *lol* :P

  2. Hi Nicole!
    you are such a fun lady - I love your podcast! The shawl you are wearing is so pretty; and your Citron turned out fabulous - mmm more pretty colors! If I am selected as a winner, I would love the Wisdom Los Angeles yarn.

  3. Love the show! The citron turned out great! Are you going to be beading the shipwreck? I have started one and am still a LONG ways away from the beading but maybe you can do a tutorial one day?

  4. My 1st shipwreck was beaded. This one is not.
    You thread the beads onto the yarn before you get to the netting portion. Use a bead spinner it makes life funner. ;) You have to keep moving the beads around and its slow going. But if you want beads then its worth it.
    I just didn't have any that I liked so I did add beads.

  5. Your Citron turned out really pretty. It might have just been my computer but I wasn't able to watch this episode from your site and I didn't find it on Bliptv. I had to download it to my computer. I'd like the Los Angeles if you're taking international entries.

  6. I'd love to win the Los Angeles yarn (my hometown). By the way I do enjoy your show. Thanks for using all types of yarn. Good work on the shawls -- love the vibrant colors.

  7. Hey Nicole,
    Another great show! I would love to put my name in for the Wisdom Yarns Los Angeles! I have never knit with it and I think it is a colorway that I could knit up and keep in my own sock drawer!!!

  8. I'd choose the Los Angeles yarn, since it's close to San Diego, lol. I wouldn't say those are meh yarns though, I even saw some nice Bernat ones at the store the other day, which reminded me of Noro. Ooo-ahh;)Cheryl/SDBrnCACherry, incase it says some other name with another acct.

  9. i want to make a shipwreck so bad, not sure if i can. really injoying your shows keep it up

  10. I really enjoy your video podcast and your knitting is so nice! I'd also choose the Wisdom Yarns Los Angeles yarn.

  11. Thanks so much for letting us follow along with your knitting projects. The shawls are gorgeous. I am looking to start my first shawl in the near future here and it's great to see so many beautiful examples.

    And I love the Wisdom Yarns Los Angeles. I think my husband would wear socks in that color and it's high time he had some hand knit socks.

    See you around!

  12. Love your podcast! I would pick the Los Angeles yarn. Would love to make the hubby some socks! Keep the episodes comin!